Duplicat's Diary

John Brewer Reef
by Rick at 07:42:07, 2021-11-22 (day 2759)

A pretty nice trip, albeit motor-sailing most of the way. We arrived at John Brewer just after midday and anchored up on the sand ledge beyond the Museum of Underwater Art. The wind is from an inconvenient direction and as its just off springs we got a lot of current through the anchorage. We deployed the stern anchor too.

After lunch and catching up on sleep, we went out in the dinghy to check the MUOA - which we’ll dive tomorrow. The coral is pretty nice here too, so we did a quick snorkel across the reef back to the boat.

We briefly got data, but I think there’s a timing issue (ie. We’re just a bit too far from land for the cell configuration) - as we see a good signal strength but it won’t connect properly. I remember this from last time here - if we go and anchor in the lagoon, about 1nm away - we had good data.

We’ll check the weather and work out our plan. It looked reasonable calm this week, with some wind towards the weekend (but that has been moderating in the more recent forecasts) - so maybe we’ll move tomorrow down towards the Whitsundays….