Duplicat's Diary

Vlasoff Cay
by Rick at 00:43:02, 2021-11-21 (day 2758)

After a week in the marina in Cairns, with various things attended to - we left to head back out to sea. It was windy, and we could have anchored in the river, but I don’t really like the holding (or lack of it) there, and besides, there were reefs to visit!

I’ve been to Vlasoff Cay before. There’s a nice spot up on the sand behind the reef where you can anchor with enough room to swing. So we raised a very reefed main and genoa and headed NE towards the Lugger Passage. It was quite windy, we had up to 25knots at times - so we made good progress.

The Lugger Passage is well marked and not that shallow - so we sailed through between Arlington Reef and Upolu and headed around to Vlasoff and anchored.

The wind continued, which made the anchorage a little lively for the first 24hrs, but not too bad as it was all on the nose. We watched the helicopters landing for people to experience 2 hours on a remote cay. Quite what you do for 2 hours on the sand island, I don’t know! The next day, the wind had eased and we went for a snorkel on the reef. It was nice, if not spectacular - and our first salt water swim since the Wessel islands (which was brief due to crocs). Here we could be sure of no crocs. It was very nice to be back in the water. The colours of the seas around the shallows is always beautiful.

Today the wind has almost disappeared and we’re due that for most of the week. So we’re heading south again. I want to make reasonable progress, so we’re going to do an overnight to John Brewer reef which was my favourite last year. We’ll spend a few days there hopefully with good enough weather to get a few dives in on the Museum of Underwater Art and the outside wall.

After that, we’ll see how the forecast is progressing as there is some signs of a strong SE blow coming. Some forecasts suggest it will come up the entire coast, and others that it won’t get beyond the bunker group. Our plan is to watch the forecasts, and make a decision later this week as to whether we stay out reef-hopping or go into the Whitsundays for some shelter…