Duplicat's Diary

Best Passage
by Rick at 20:51:25, 2021-11-17 (day 2754)

Sometimes you have one of those days where everything just works out. Usually sailing is not like that - it can be frustrating when the wind isn’t as forecast. The old adage is that the wind is never the right speed or from the right direction. Well, its mostly true!

However, on the lap, I managed quite a few really nice passages. Memorable for different reasons. High up the list is our crossing of the Bass Strait going south. It was my birthday, and Laura and Ben had cooked up a delicious breakfast. We were in the middle of the notoriously rough Bass strait, sailing downwind with the spinnaker up. Magical!

My favourite, though, was our sail from Montgomery Reef to Deception Bay. Its in the Kimberley, so we were trying to save diesel and not motor. With the large tides, we had to work those as well but we needed to be at Montgomery Reef at low tide to see it at all. That was spectacular.

Nina and I set off from there, sailing once we had left the confines of the reef channel. The very light winds and counter-current meant we were making just 1knot or less for most of the morning. Progress was progress - and no diesel! We did everything we could to maximise the speed - trimming far more than I usually do. We slowly picked up speed as the wind filled and the current eased. Then it turned with us, the wind picked up and we finally sailed into Deception Bay just on sunset. A very rewarding passage with just a few sips of diesel used to get out of the reef and dig the anchor in.