Duplicat's Diary

Champagne sailing
by Rick at 05:21:21, 2021-11-11 (day 2748)

We rounded Cape Flattery at 1am, and saw Palawa Dreaming anchored inside the headland. They’d left the Lockhart River a day ahead of us, so we’d managed to catch them by doing our overnight.

As we turned south, the wind finally became more useful. Engines off and undersail, the sea was flat, the conditions ideal. 7 to 10 knots of wind just aft of the beam, meant we made cracking time well above our target pace.

On my watch, I opted to put the genoa away and unfurl the screecher. Speed increased - it was lovely. Since then, the wind has been a bit fickle and we’ve resorted to the engine a few times. Its so nice to be back in flat water though.

As we’ve mostly sailed today, Palawa Dreaming caught us up and past us under sail and engine. They’re aiming to anchor at Cape Tribulation for the night, so want to be there in daylight. We’re going to press on, drifting, sailing, motoring with an ETA at the fuel dock, Cairns at 8:30am (as you have to book your slot there). We have 64nm to go and about 17hrs - so shouldn’t be too hard (about 3.8knots average).

I’m very close to closing the loop!