Duplicat's Diary

Who’d trust a forecast?
by Rick at 06:35:30, 2021-11-10 (day 2747)

Promised NE winds, we left Flinders island at 3am, making our way slowly across Bathurst Bay. Of course, we didn’t get NE winds - it was SE. That helped us a bit across the bay but once we turned the corner, it was straight into it.

We’re pushing on, albeit slowly, as once we get past Cape Flattery (about 30nm from here) we turn south. That should get us some sailing wind, and the forecast is for more NE winds. I tend to believe the forecast for down there will be NE as its more common than up here.

Reckon we’ll just keep on going now and be in Cairns by Friday if not before.

All good onboard, if a little hot. Bashing into weather means all the windows are shut - so the cabins are very hot. Once the wind goes aft (promised on Thursday midday), we can open things up a bit…