Duplicat's Diary

Light winds
by Rick at 02:28:19, 2021-11-09 (day 2746)

Today is a day of very light winds - mostly 7 knots or less. This combined with the fact we’re sailing along behind reefs, means its quite flat. Conditions are very pleasant apart from the lack of wind. We have been mostly motorsailing but now we’re turning more towards Cape Melville its more on the nose.

If conditions remain like this, we’ll carry on overnight as its a good opportunity to get around Cape Melville and make progress south. Not sure where we’ll stop - there are quite a few places after Cape Melville, even on the reefs on the way down to Cairns. If things change, we can stop before Melville or at the Flinders group of islands.

We’ll do the same night watches, but due to this being Queensland with no daylight saving time, we’ll shift them an hour earlier - otherwise my early morning shift ends up being in daylight! There’s light here at 5am to see (enough for us to put sails up without lights the last couple of days! Nina is doing 6-9pm and midnight to 3am. I do 9pm to midnight and the morning shift from 3am.