Duplicat's Diary

Morris Island
by Rick at 07:22:29, 2021-11-08 (day 2745)

We left the outer reaches of the Lockhart River at dawn. Leaf, another cat, was head of us and he stopped at Night island.

The wind first thing was SE which gave us an unexpected lift out to Cape Direction, but then it was hard going after that. The swell eased off during the day, and the wind turned more easterly but we were mostly very hard on the wind all day.

We’ve opted to stop at Morris Island for the night, and we’ll resume tomorrow. Another day of easterly winds, going NE towards Princess Charlotte bay should see us there for the night, but again, we’ll see how it goes. We have time to day sail all the way to Flattery Head or possibly Cairns itself, but we need to be in before the next chunk of SE winds which arrives on Saturday…