Duplicat's Diary

Portland Roads
by Rick at 23:35:31, 2021-10-30 (day 2736)

After a long last day, chasing Palawan Dreaming (another cat who left Margaret Bay as we were approaching it), we finally anchored in Portland Roads for the night. We had hoped to get internet access there, and though we found a signal, it was pretty slow.

Scott from Palawan Dreaming came over to talk about the weather, and suggested that Portland Roads would be uncomfortable in the coming blow. I’d seen reports which had said it was ok if you anchored fore and aft to point into the swell that wicks around the end of the headland but I’m happy to take advice!

So this morning we pulled up the anchor and we’re now heading for the Lockhart River. It will be very comfortable in there for the coming weather - which is forecasting 25knot blows with much stronger gusts. We’ll be inside the mangroves in flat water which will be nice.

The good news is that early next week we have another nice window appearing. We’ll keep an eye on that but current thinking is a week-Monday we leave and head to Cooktown.

On todays trip we passed a cruise ship we saw in the Kimberley quite often - Caledonian Sky. They were anchored off Restoration Island which is where Bligh put ashore in the long boat after the famous mutiny on the Bounty. Its interesting that we keep bumping into places he’s been - especially as we managed to visit Pitcairn Island.

Will report back once we’re anchored safely in the river. For now we’re enjoying 17knots just ahead of the beam making for fast sailing in pretty flat waters!