Duplicat's Diary

Welcome to Seisia
by Rick at 08:26:20, 2021-10-24 (day 2730)

We opted to sail the last day, as we finally had wind - but that meant a late arrival into Seisia. At 9pm we were picking our way through the channel markers heading to the secure anchorage behind Red Island. Anchoring was easy with the good moon we had and our radar meant we could find a spot between 2 other boats with plenty of room to swing. That done, we didn’t do a lot more.

In fact, the next day we didn’t do a lot - recovering from the long passage. We did go ashore to have a quick look around. Its quite nice ashore, but very hot.

This morning we started on our refuelling task. Like many of the more remote places we visit, there are no easy docks to go alongside and fill the boat. Its jerry cans from the servo (as they call it). However, here the locals are so friendly its hard not to get a lift somewhere. We walked the short distance to the servo first time, but got a lift back from the attendant’s husband. The second time we got a lift there, and a lift back from a passing motorist who saw us waiting. To be fair, the servo itself offers a lift back but the van is part of the supermarket and was busy. We were happy to wait but the friendly local turned up first. The servo is the northern most one in mainland australia, as their badge proudly proclaims.

We have a few more fuel runs to do, which we should get done tomorrow. We’ve booked the ferry to make a trip to Thursday Island (which has various rules in places which makes it slightly harder to visit by yacht, but also a less secure anchorage). So Wednesday, we go to Thursday Island. :) We can visit the most northern pub in Australia :)

After that, its back to waiting-on-weather. There are a few yachts here in the same situation.