Duplicat's Diary

Steady progress
by Rick at 04:06:54, 2021-10-15 (day 2721)

Not much to report. Not much wind, so we’ve been motoring the past 24hrs. Its very hot, particularly without the breeze. We’re expecting 10-15knots on the nose tonight, arriving at the Wessel Islands at dawn.

We’re seeing plenty of fish. Its so hot, at first we weren’t fussed but we have put the lines in now. Just lost a small tuna - but given the number of schools we’ve seen, I think we stand a reasonable chance of landing one.

We’ll have 24hrs or so at anchor in the Wessels whilst the easterly goes through, then we’ll press on again through the Gugari Rip, also know as the hole-in-the-wall. Then it’ll be another 3-4 days to cross the Gulf of Carpentaria.