Duplicat's Diary

Through the Van Diemen gulf
by Rick at 22:55:15, 2021-10-13 (day 2719)

Plain sailing all the way. Well, I say sailing, but we motor-sailed or motored through the night. The current was against us to begin with, but we hit Cape Keith at the allotted hour (1.5hrs after high tide Darwin) and had a nice push the rest of the way. It was pretty flat all the time - no overfalls or lively sea states which is much appreciated!

The forecast is for continued light or no winds, so we’ll make the most direct route for the Wessel Islands that we can. We should arrive there around the time the easterlies return (late Friday, into Saturday), and we’ll stop for 24hrs or so. We’ll assess the weather and our plans then - but if the forecast remains favourable, we’ll push on across the Gulf of Carpentaria. If not, we can either hang out at the Wessels for longer, or head into Gove to refuel etc.

There’s a bit of traffic out here - seen a few fishing boats in the gulf, and a number of resupply ships which probably visit the remote communities out here. We occasionally get mobile data from such communities, which is handy. Otherwise its the satellite again. We’ve also seen a few yachts heading west.

All good onboard. Its nice to be moving again, and in the calm conditions we can keep hatches open to cool things down inside (though we have bread to bake!). Its already warming up today….