Duplicat's Diary

Not much to report, apart from the heat!
by Rick at 23:46:08, 2021-09-21 (day 2697)

Well, we’ve managed to refuel and get through the lock into Cullen Bay marina. Since then its been a bit of a whirlwind. Socialising with boats we’ve not seen for a while, washing (boat, clothes and bedding), assisting another cruiser with an electrical problem which left them ‘darkship’ in the middle of the Arafura sea (melted battery switch, all sorted now), and the odd meal out.

Our job list is shrinking slowly. A new control module for the freezer was acquired and the freezer is now chilling down again. I managed to source some new mattresses for my cabin, and if they are good, we can replace all the ones on the boat. Today we’ll start on the chandlery trips to see what’s available and work out how to solve some of the little issues we have to fix. We need a new main sheet and the genoa sheets are a bit average too - so they’re on the list to replace.

We’ve added another job to the list though - the air-conditioning isn’t working. Of course, we found that our on the day Darwin broke its September temperature record reaching 38degC! Boats - the job list is never ending :)