Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 21:15:20, 2021-09-18 (day 2694)

We made it into Darwin safely in daylight. We had to motorsail more than I’d wanted, but the forecast wasn’t quite right. Then the fabled NW sea breeze stayed determinedly NE, which caused us to be very very tight on the wind up to Charles Point. Naturally, the wind was increasing then, but we did have the tide with us.

The last 11 miles was a blast, wind on the beam, current with us and very fast. We even got a bit of water on the deck.

The anchorage isn’t too bad, a bit of a slow roll coming through this morning - the first we’ve felt at anchor in a while! We have been spoilt… Today we go into the marina so we can start on the jobs list. A good wash down is high on the list as its been a while since Duplicat had a nice fresh water shower.