Duplicat's Diary

Last Day
by Rick at 19:06:37, 2021-09-16 (day 2692)

It was our last day in the Kimberley. We headed back up to the hidden waterfall and had another swim. I got the drone out too.

You can see how easily the entrance could be missed. Once in, its a simple climb up from the dinghy to the plateau with a small pool by the waterfall, and a bigger pool beyond. We’ve swum in both. Spring fed, lovely fresh water.

We had lunch back on the boat, in time to see one of the smaller cruise ships arrive at the Amphitheatre, along with the boat from the Berkeley River Resort which comes up the river each day. All nicely behaved, slowing down as they passed us anchored in the river, and waving.

We then headed back down the river to the mouth. Its a bit of a trek, and wasn’t helped by the sea breeze but we weren’t in a hurry. We’d been recommended to anchor on the west side of the river to get out of the current and on our first attempt, we thought we were doing ok - only to find we’d be sat high and dry at low tide once we let enough chain out. There are lots of sand ridges just into the entrance and though we had 3m of water where we dropped, with the chain out we ended up in 1m. We tried again and it was better second time. The little fleet was there - both Arrow and Neringa were also setting off the next morning. In fact, a bit later the cruise ship came and joined us.

Looking at the tides, by 1am we’d have more water than the high tide on the day we arrived, so could clearly get out. Up at 12:40am, coffee made, sails prepped and we were about to lift anchor when the cruise ship started. We opted to let them get out of the way before we left. Arrow followed us, and then Neringa too.

We’re now well clear of the shallow banks at the river entrance, motor-sailing towards Darwin. The breeze is slowly filling though, so hopefully we’ll be sailing soon. I want to keep the speed up as best I can, to hit the tide into Darwin tomorrow afternoon. Arrow may stop on the way, and Neringa will be a bit slower than us but is also heading direct.