Duplicat's Diary

Upper Berkeley River
by Rick at 05:16:15, 2021-09-14 (day 2690)

The trip up to the top of the Berkeley River is quite spectacular and not to be missed! We picked up the anchor pretty early (as soon as the tide went slack ahead of the flood) and set off up the gorge which got quite narrow.

The trip didn’t take too long but was very enjoyable. We got some nice time lapse footage of the route as we went, plus some good drone pics.

We dropped the anchor right by the Amphitheatre falls (only a trickle coming down), which is… well.. I’m running out of superlatives.

We headed ashore to walk up to the falls (right hand side, quite the climb!) and found a nice billabong to swim in (croc free), and then wandered back to get some pictures down the falls.

We’ll get some more drone footage of the amphitheatre itself later, but waiting for a decent sun position…

We’ll be here a couple of nights, we think - giving us time to explore further up the river to the navigable end (though we can’t take the big boat that far - it’ll be a dinghy trip). Then it’ll be down to the river entrance to prepare for the 2 night hop to Darwin and the end of our Kimberley Adventure. We’re trying not to think too hard about that at the moment!