Duplicat's Diary

Hike along Casuarina Creek
by Rick at 03:54:13, 2021-09-13 (day 2689)

This morning we took to the dinghy and back into Casuarina Creek to go and see some rock art and have a swim. The Berkeley River resort boat beat us ashore, but we managed to stay out of each other’s way.

The first bit of art is reported to be a thylacine, but it could be two with one superimposed on the other. Unclear. What do you think?

Then we went to look at the Rainbow serpent as well as some kangaroo prints below (look like hands for the fore paws with the long hind leg print below).

There was also some jellyfish on the roof above. Plus some bradshaws nearby that have suffered a bit in the weather.

After that it was time for a cooling swim in a lovely lilly-lined pool.

Another nice 5km walk, but very hot. The swim was worth it!