Duplicat's Diary

Berkeley River
by Rick at 00:39:20, 2021-09-11 (day 2687)

We pulled the anchor at 8pm and motored out of the anchorage outside the King George River. We’d heard from another boat that there was a lot of swell, but the wind had calmed down a lot, so I figured it wouldn’t be bad.

We punched a bit of current for the first couple of hours, then it eased. The swell wasn’t bad and almost non-existent after the headlands. We motorsailed for a while, then the wind built a bit more and we were on time, so we could sail with a making current for a good few hours.

Around 3am, we saw a boat coming out of Seaplane Bay. It showed just a tri-light at the top (suggesting it was sailing) but it was aiming right for us and overtaking us. The radar was complaining about the close target, so we changed course. The yacht was one which had been in the King George River but hadn’t spoken to anyone - it passed us pretty close and when I shone a torch at it, it was clearly motoring. Aussies really need to learn their lights and collision regs! There’s certainly no need to come within 200m of another boat in the middle of the night, especially if you’re motoring and the overtaking vessel!

Anyway, the rest of the night was uneventful. It was easy to get into the river, and we’re now at the very pretty Casuarina creek, and the falls are still running!

You can see Mount Casuarina in the background. Its a stunning spot. Again. :)