Duplicat's Diary

East Arm falls
by Rick at 03:35:20, 2021-09-07 (day 2683)

East Arm falls on the King George River is famous for its lovely swimming pool at the top. However, its also famous for its rather tough climb up to said pool.

Without the ropes, it would be a very hard climb indeed. With them its still pretty sketchy - for me at least. Its absolutely at the limit for what I’m prepared to do - climbing up a 25m climb with overhangs, over a croc (and jellyfish) infested pool. What could possibly go wrong?

We know a few cruisers that have not managed it this season - but we gave it a go, and though its pretty scary, I did manage to make it to the top.

The pool is indeed quite nice and inviting, but we hadn’t gone prepared to swim as we had another mission in mind. We had planned to climb the back wall and get up onto the creek bed itself and look for some rock art - but I gave up having done the main climb. Its just a bit beyond me.

We have another plan - there’s an alternative route up to the creek bed. It also involves a rope, but we’re told the climb is slightly easier than the one at Glycosmis Bay and I made that one ok. We have plenty of time to kill as its still blowing hard outside the river (even in the river we’re getting bullets of wind in the 30knot range). So we’ll go again tomorrow…