Duplicat's Diary

Walking up to the falls
by Rick at 02:19:51, 2021-09-04 (day 2680)

Last night we had one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had on the boat. I had a cooling shower just before bed, but on looking out of the cabin window, I could see dots of light moving. Not reflections of stars, and not phosphorescence in the water. Out on deck, having given Nina a call, we could see little fish in the water and they appeared to be glowing - with a whole school of them swimming up the river past us. Quite unreal to watch but impossible to capture on camera.

This morning we opted for an early start. It would give us cooler temperatures for the climb up to the falls, but the sun would be in the wrong position for the photos. Such is life.

I did the usual stern anchor and continuous line trick with the dinghy. The tides aren’t too large here, but the rocks have quite a few oyster shells on, which isn’t great news for an inflatable!

The climb up is very well marked and mercifully easier than the Glycosmis one. It didn’t take us long at all. Once on the plateau, its rocks and scrub with a very clear path. It felt like it was marked with a cairn every 5 steps or so!

Again the views are stunning.

Can you see us sat on the edge in the photo below?

I’ve seen photos of the falls in full flow and they’re quite something. Hard to estimate how much water a second goes over them in the wet season, but when you’re beneath them, you can see how the rocks have been carved away.

The trip down was also easy. Now back onboard as the temperature climbs. The water is very clear and inviting but crocs are sighted here, so alas no swimming. There is a nice swimming hole (we hope) at the eastern arm - we’ll head there in a day or two. In the meantime, we’ll batten down everything for the strong winds from tonight.