Duplicat's Diary

Getting lost in the Lost City
by Rick at 04:19:10, 2021-09-02 (day 2678)

After a beautifully calm night (which unfortunately brought the insects out and left the boat covered in them this morning), we picked up the anchor and headed out of the inner bay at dawn.

We re-anchored off the outer beach that leads up to the Lost City - an area of rock formations that were used for habitation. The main draw is the rock art, of which there is quite a bit (though it takes some finding) and its pretty good!

The going isn’t too hard - its spinfex and boulder territory. There are some paths and cairns to make some of the art easier to find. We stumbled onto some others as well.

Its been suggested that this is two hunters and their wallaby catch

This is another big kangaroo

It was very hot work, even though we started early. With little breeze we needed the water we’d taken ashore. However the exploration was fun - it was good fun hunting…

Once back onboard, we pulled the anchor and are now heading to the King George River. The wind is still light (5 knots) but we have a bit of current with us, so we’re sailing (at 3.1 knots). We’ll anchor outside for tonight and cross the bar at dawn tomorrow. Unfortunately, high tides are all early in the morning at the moment! I think the river will get quite busy over the next few days as its the ideal place to hide from the coming strong SE winds. We spoke to Neringa who were going into the inner bay as we were going ashore, and also heard Arrow on the VHF - both of whom are heading to the river over the next few days. I think there are at least a couple of boats already in there that we also heard on the VHF yesterday.