Duplicat's Diary

The climb
by Rick at 06:15:19, 2021-09-01 (day 2677)

Finding the start of the climb was a little tricky, but we did eventually find a small arrow inscribed onto a rock, a little further down the bay than the guide suggests. It was clearly the right place as once we found that, we started seeing cairns. It has to be said, the cairns marking the route are plentiful and leave little doubt as to where the suggested route goes.

That said, the climb is one of the harder ones I’ve done - and I’ll admit - a little scary in places! The route starts off relatively easily over some small boulders, but then gets up onto ledges, especially the odd one with some loose stones. The final part is more rock climbing than a daily stroll, needing quite the arm and finger strength (at least, for this inexperienced climber!).

The rough route is in red, and the yellow marks some of the cairns. There were quite a few more behind the trees and bushes on the way up.

Once up on the top, the walking is easy. The views are spectacular.

The huge boab tree in the background was quite close to the falls and is a good marker for where to aim for once on the plateau. Its a good 150m back from the little boab tree and is far wider than my outstretched arms.

With no water flowing, we could walk right out to the edge of the falls, which was quite something, with a view to the second falls in the near distance (also dry).

The climb down was a little tricky in places, but we managed it safely and then it was back to the boat to recover!