Duplicat's Diary

Glycosmis Bay
by Rick at 22:55:21, 2021-08-31 (day 2676)

Well after yesterdays long day, rounding the most northern point of WA, we were looking forward to some rocky cliffs and water falls (though we knew they’d probably be dry by this time in the season.

The outer anchorage at Glycosmis was a little bouncy in the afternoon swell, but calmed down pretty quickly. Never uncomfortable but its been a long time since the boat was moving at anchor! We did try to get into the inner bay, but without a survey and on a falling tide, we ran out of water so chose discretion over valour and anchored.

At dusk, I flew the drone and got a good view on where the water and sand was on the approach. The channel seems to have moved a bit from the recommended tracks in the KCCYC guide.

Complicated by the fact we’re on a single tide per day, with the high at 2am and the low at 6pm, but needing at least a bit of daylight - we had another early start just so I could get the photos I wanted. Vane, you see….

It was worth it. We snuck in over the shallow points with 20cms to spare, and anchored in the pool under the waterfall (which isn’t flowing). See what you think…

The Lost City is in the outer bay - we’ll probably explore that tomorrow. Today we may attempt the climb up to the waterfall. Thats if we can find the marks and cairns - because it looks quite the scramble otherwise!