Duplicat's Diary

A long day…
by Rick at 07:13:43, 2021-08-31 (day 2676)

Up before dawn, we could see the anchor light of another boat in Anjo bay. We didn’t see it come out though, so not sure who it was. We made reasonable progress towards Talbot bay, but given the calm conditions and weak current against us, we decided to press on and see what Cape Londonderry was like.

For us, it was flat calm. No big convergence of tides, no rough water, not much of anything. Lucky us! Once around the corner, we had some wind at least - the forecast NE which picked up and we were sailing the 20nm or so to Glycosmis Bay. In the end the wind dropped, but left a residual swell which had all the sails banging around a bit, so we dropped the main and motorsailed with teh headsail.

We’ve dropped the anchor off the beach here where there is some rock art and the area known as the Lost City. We plan to explore that. We also want to have a look at the inner bay, but its too shallow to get in at the moment. There may be enough water tomorrow morning, but if not - we’ll go in by dinghy and see if we can find the climb to the top of the falls.

We’ll probably be here a few days and move onto the King George River before the winds arrive after the weekend.