Duplicat's Diary

Jar Island
by Rick at 01:32:50, 2021-08-30 (day 2675)

The wind pattern at the moment is for light S or SE winds in the morning, dropping off to near nothing by 9am, then a strong NW to NE sea breeze in the afternoon which can reach into the 15-20knots or so. So we do dinghy trips in the morning - and yesterday it was Jar Island. We headed across the channel to the N side of the island but could see hordes from the cruise ship which had arrived overnight, so we continued around to the west side.

The west side isn’t very popular with the cruise ships as its a bit harder to find the art. We walked over the dunes at the back of the beach, then zig-zagged through the rocks until we came to a small salt pan. Now this isn’t the crews favourite territory being a bit ‘crocy’. So it was left to me to walk through the mud and mangroves and climb the 15m or so up to the art. I found some very nice pieces and there was probably more but with a rising tide and the dinghy on the beach, we didn’t want to be more than an hour or so.

Back around to the north and the hordes were still ashore - but we got some good pointers from a couple of the tourists and then the cruise ship guides.

We found art at a few sites there, but we think it was better at Pauline Bay.

This morning we started our passage towards Cape Londonderry. We took the last of the ebb tide up the harbour and with a bit of wind managed to sail most of it. We’re now anchored for the flood tide (which flows counter to our direction of travel), and in 5 hours or so will lift the anchor and continue east.

One last pic, this morning sunrise was spectacular!