Duplicat's Diary

Long Island
by Rick at 09:31:31, 2021-08-27 (day 2672)

We moved from Freshwater Bay further down into Vansittart Bay - as did the 2 other boats we were anchored with. They headed off to Jar Island to see the rock art sites. We chose to head to Long Island and use it as a base to head to the DC3 wreck, and also some rock art on the mainland.

Part of the game around here is guessing the tides. We had wildly different high tide times compared to Neringa. They used Navionics, but I checked my Navionics and it agreed with the 2 other sources I use. A bit of a puzzle, no? Well, maybe the puzzle has been solved. It seems Navionics has 2 tide sites at Jar Island and they are somewhat different!

So depending on which one you believe, its either past full tide (of 2.6m) and falling, or its 2.8m and still rising! Nice one Navionics!

As is the norm here, the wind was very light when we left and we had to motor out of Freshwater bay. As we turned south, we could get sailing - albeit slowly - but the wind built, and backed until it was a long way behind us. We could wing-and-wing with the screecher, before we furled that and sailed up behind Long Island on mainsail alone. Then we dropped the main and anchored in the lee of the island. Its quite nice here - but we’ll do some dinghy trips tomorrow before moving onto Jar Island (maybe Sunday).