Duplicat's Diary

Freshwater Creek
by Rick at 05:26:55, 2021-08-26 (day 2671)

We headed into the creek with enough water to make it to the rock bar where we tied up the dinghy and climbed ashore. The lower reaches of the creek are just rock, scoured by the water during the wet season.

There were a few nice Kimberley Rose trees next to the watercourse

Further up you can really see how the water carves its path…

The swimming hole was small, but fresh with spring water still flowing into it. It was also croc free. Very nice on a hot day.

We’ve been debating whether we need a bit more diesel. There’s an option to get some at Honeymoon Bay though its quite pricey. The cost of the trip in and out of Kalumburu is $100, and the diesel at the Kalumburu mission is $2.68/litre so $368 for 100 litres. Pretty close to the most expensive diesel I’ve ever bought! That said, I dipped the tank today and we have 205litres remaining (about half tank) and 100 litres in jerry cans, so I think thats all we need. Its a good few miles of motoring, especially as out here we’re usually motoring because there’s no wind and glassy seas (which are easy to motor on). Plus we can still use the wind where we get it!

We’re also going ok on cooking gas - another area where it was hard to estimate as we’re baking more bread than we have in the past. We’ve just finished our first cylinder, so I’ve put on one of my fibreglass ones which is about half full. We have another full cylinder to use as well - plus the one we use on the BBQ (which has about 4kg in it). Got enough for another few months. Ditto dinghy fuel - we’ve used 20litres since Dogleg Creek - and have 45litres remaining. All in all, we’re doing pretty well on the essentials…