Duplicat's Diary

Freshwater Bay
by Rick at 07:53:48, 2021-08-24 (day 2669)

We left Parry Harbour around 10:30am with a slight NW breeze of about 5 knots. Motor-sailed up to Hat Point, and the wind dropped off, so we ended up motor-sailing to Cape Bougainville. From there we could sail a bit, though sometimes we needed an engine. The current was mighty (up to 4 knots) and with 1 knot of wind at times, we lost steerage which is no fun at those speeds!

Once around the cape, and heading SE, we could sail the rest of the way. The wind picked up a bit, and we ended up touching over 11 knots SOG (about 8 through the water sailing, and plenty of current).

The current stayed with us almost all the way - until we crossed the tidal eddie just before the turn into Freshwater Bay. We managed to gybe the screecher and sail south wing-on-wing, then gybe the main to sail up the bay. Lovely stuff!

The sun was behind us, so we managed to fully charge the batteries and fill the water tank just from solar. So all in all, a good day - water full, batteries full and plenty of sailing at all sorts of speeds.

Tomorrow we start to explore the fresh water creeks and swimming holes here - and given the temperature, I’m looking forward to that!