Duplicat's Diary

Parry Harbour
by Rick at 08:16:53, 2021-08-23 (day 2668)

The full moon last night was stunning, and the low tide gave us some good photos.

Today we left with a bit of tide against us. Balancing when the afternoon sea breeze kicks in with the counter current. The sea breeze is likely to shift onto the nose as it builds, so we wanted to make some progress before that happened. By 11am we had the current with us, and could sail, albeit at just 2 knots. The current increased and the wind went very tight on the nose, but still sailable. We had a nice sail around into Parry Harbour, in totally flat seas, winds of about 5 knots at 30degrees but the current giving us a combined 5-6 knots of boat speed!

We’ll stop here for the night and move onto Freshwater Bay tomorrow. Its a longish sail, and again, we’re balancing tide past Cape Bougainville with the lack of wind early in the morning. We’ll start mid-morning with a bit of counter current, but given todays 3 knots up the coast, as the tide turns we should get quite some lift through the channel.

Once in Freshwater Bay, we’ll likely stay at least a few days as there are a few creeks and swimming holes to explore, some only really good around spring tides (which is tomorrow).