Duplicat's Diary

Heading to the Apartments
by Rick at 08:27:52, 2021-08-22 (day 2667)

The big draw here in the Osbourne Islands is Castle Rock, also known as the Apartments. Its a large series of tunnels that have been carved out of the rock by the weather and water. A great place to live back in history, and it also houses some rock art.

The approach is up a drying creek, then you tie up to a sloping rock. A quick scramble and then a walk through some grasslands (very well marked with lots of cairns), and you get your first view…

The channels are obvious from the start, but go very deep and all the way through the rock.

The art is not the best we’ve seen but it is quite extensive on the western side of the rock. Some of the art is indistinct and some seems like its cartoon (maybe drawn much later?). Just one photo for now…

Having heard about a croc chewing our neighbours dinghy, we opted not to go further up the creek! We went to look at the arches on a nearby beach. We managed to count 4 arches, some quite large and impressive. This one was the second largest (but the largest had lots of mangrove in the way).

All the sites here are very tide limited, with extensive sand flats exposed at low tide. However, we’ve done the bits we wanted to see - so we’ll move on tomorrow if we can manage to work out the tide and wind to our best advantage! Its a longish hop without good places to stop if you run out of time, so it may be an early start and a longish day….