Duplicat's Diary

Back at Raft Point
by Rick at 07:20:26, 2021-07-27 (day 2641)

Boat jobs today, as we’re basically waiting for some wind. Most of the boats here headed out to the reef this morning, so it was manically busy. Lots of yachts, 3 cruise ships and it sounded very busy on the radio. Not my cup of tea.

After a few jobs, as high tide approached, we decided to go and look for the rock art here. We had some vague directions, and Slow Motion turned up too with an idea as well. Our first attempt was wrong (deliberate mis-direction by a rock cairn on the beach), however we did find a nice Kimberley Rose (not the official name, which I dont know - but what everyone uses to refer to them). The tree drops all its leaves in the effort to make a flower, but they are worth it.


A whale and crocodile perhaps?

Off to Montgomery Reef tomorrow (hopefully with less crowds!) and then we start north again…