Duplicat's Diary

Raft Point
by Rick at 09:27:55, 2021-07-25 (day 2639)

We left Horizontal Falls before dawn, hoping to get clear of the channels before the tide turned against us too hard. We made it, but not before some negotiation with a cruise ship which wanted to overtake us at the narrowest part, and would we mind waiting because they can’t stop once moving? We passed the pinch point ahead of them by quite some distance, so not sure what the drama was about - but I wasn’t that impressed by the call to the small sailing vessel. Maybe I should have responded by calling them the ugly white boat? And no thanks either, bloody cruise ships!

Once out, we had some wind which was nice, and thus we managed to sail quite a lot of the distance to Raft Point. We decided as we had the wind, we’d push on and sail until our speed dropped below that required to get into the anchorage in daylight. The seas were flat, so even drifting along at 3.5knots was lovely. But the wind disappeared in the afternoon, so slow motoring sailing, then motoring was the order of the day.

We’re starting to meet more boats coming from the east. Tonight’s anchorage is quite busy - 4 of us in here. Its a lovely spot though…