Duplicat's Diary

Silvergull Creek
by Rick at 03:41:47, 2021-07-21 (day 2635)

We left Crocodile Creek on the early morning high tide, and motored the couple of miles around to Silvergull Creek. It was a bit of a shock to suddenly be anchored with other boats!

Silvergull Creek was home to a couple who built their homestead and luscious garden based on the spring water. We took the dinghy up the creek to take a look. The place isn’t occupied anymore, and even the caretaker wasn’t present. The old barge landing on the right hand side has a hose pipe with fresh water continuously running from it - however this season its a bit earthy (so we opted not to fill our tanks).

Pool with an amazing view…

On our return to the boat, Nina spotted our first croc and he was quite interested in us..

Next up for us is to pick up our last fuel from Dogleg Creek, then we’ll head towards Dugong Bay or the Horizontal Falls…