Duplicat's Diary

Silica Beach and Crocodile Creek
by Rick at 09:27:40, 2021-07-18 (day 2632)

The forecast wind didn’t look so strong on the second day, and indeed, would die a bit the further east we went, so I decided we’d try and use it to get somewhere, rather than motor in the coming calm conditions.

Using the tide we ended up with a superb sail to Silica Beach. Gennaker only the whole way, sometimes doing 2 knots, sometimes doing 9 - such are the vagaries of the current flow around here.

The only downside with working the tides was we’d be at Silica Beach at low tide, which makes it slightly less fun. We couldn’t swim (at probably the last salt water place we’d be swimming for a while), but the beach ashore was very white and very squeaky underfoot. It was a nice stop over.

After an early lunch, we moved on towards Crocodile Creek - this time motoring as the afternoon calm had kicked in. We made it to the creek entrance pretty early in the afternoon - enough time to go in with the dinghy and suss it out. Luckily for us, there was no-one in there, so back to the big boat, and in we went. Slowly, slowly we tickled our way in, then once anchored it was into the dinghy to spider shore ropes and get the boat settled.

As you’ve seen from the photo (and the low tide one to come is even better), its an incredible spot. All around us are high cliffs, and we sit in a pool pounded out by the huge volumes of water that come down the creek in the wet season. Directly ahead of us, a bar dries at low tide, and we sit in the tiny pool until the tide returns.

The pool behind us looks very nice and appealing but it is flooded with salt water at high tides towards springs, so we don’t swim in it (despite not seeing any evidence of a croc after extensive searching). The upper pool, a bit of a clamber around the first pool and up the smaller waterfall) is a lovely fresh water swimming hole - our first of the Kimberley. And believe me, with so little wind at the moment - its a blessing to be able to cool off!

Its such a lovely spot here, that we’ll stay another couple of nights before moving on to Silvergull Creek. Photos will follow when we next get some good data…We’ve had the very odd burst here in the pool, but not managed to send messages or photos out yet…