Duplicat's Diary

Finding our way ashore
by Rick at 23:57:02, 2021-07-12 (day 2626)

I’ve dealt with large tides before, but not usually when leaving the dinghy on a beach. Its fun tying up to the long ladders at Sark in the Channel Islands, but here there is no convenient way to get ashore. Streeters Jetty, up in the touristy part of town would be handy for 2 hours either side of high tide but they shut it in 2020 due to it being dangerous. No signs of it re-opening yet - thanks Shire of Broome!

Our tactic has been to go ashore closer to high tide, and wheel the dinghy up the boat ramp at Town beach until its above the high water line, then turn onto the beach and leave it. Thats worked well, given the spring high tides at the moment. That probably wouldn’t work during neaps as the tide wouldn’t get high enough. The foreshore is quite rocky too, which is also difficult.

Its a long way to drag the dinghy if you get it wrong! Fortunately, its worked well for us, and we’ve topped up the diesel and food. The Asian store in town was a delight - lots of goodies (though no coconut milk power). We did get some ramen noodles, more fried shallots, some tapioca pearls (to try) and a ginger drink of dubious healthiness, but tastes really good.

The one fun wrinkle was buying alcohol. There are rules in Broome that they’ll only supply you alcohol if you’re in a vehicle (and bicycles and taxis do not count). Some sort of racism to prevent the indigenous population buying alcohol it seems (as they are less likely to have a car). Along with it is a shire-wide logging system which prevents you buying more than your daily limit even if you visit multiple stores. The daily limits are quite high - 1 bottle of spirits or 6 bottles of wine, or 2 slabs of mid-strength beer for example, but that makes it hard to provision for a long trip into the Kimberley. Fortunately we’d done all our alcohol buying elsewhere.

Last errands today, then we should be off this afternoon for an overnight sail to Cape Leveque (or thereabouts), and then turn east and into the fun stuff on Thursday before the strong winds return…

We may get some internet access at Silvergull Creek (from the mining infrastructure on Koolan island, otherwise it will just be satellite email etc until Darwin!