Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 02:27:17, 2021-07-11 (day 2625)

We arrived just after dark, and anchored slightly tucked in behind the reef. It was supremely comfortable - or at least I was tired enough not to notice any swell! Next day, I was suffering with a bit of a headache, so it was a slow day. The afternoon was spent de-salting the caked on spray from the lively seas. Fun times!

After a slightly less smooth night (but still not uncomfortable), and a bit of a pyjama party at 4am as a stupid bird decided it would try and land on the wind generator just as it started up (which made loads of noise), we took the tide to come around to Roebuck Bay. Its smooth here (at the moment anyway) and nearer to the servo and shops. We’ll fuel up today, and shop tomorrow. Perhaps a lunchtime treat at the brewery too…