Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 07:46:05, 2021-07-08 (day 2622)

Yesterday was about the lack of wind. Today we got it back with gusto! Since the morning it’s been blowing quite hard, requiring 3 reefs and making it hard to sail as close to the wind (which went a long way east - further than forecast) as we’d like.

So instead, we’re making a reasonable trade off between course, speed and comfort and we will fix up our cross-track error in the lighter winds (promised for tomorrow and into Friday). Thursday arrival still looks possible, but I’ll think about how difficult the anchorage could be with lots of moorings, lots of current and no moon… Maybe we’ll slow to arrive on Friday in daylight (and possibly then go straight into Roebuck bay).

In animal news, had a whale follow us for a bit, with a spectacular display of jumps - the first was quite close, then progressively further away. Got the last 2 on camera - they look very spectacular but will need to wait until we get mobile data…

All is good onboard, though the baking/cooking activities have been a bit curtailed today…