Duplicat's Diary

Slow start
by Rick at 10:06:17, 2021-07-07 (day 2621)

Its been a slow start to the trip - the wind has been much lighter than forecast, which has seen us motoring a fair bit, and sailing slowly at times. However the payback has been very calm seas and great conditions to spot whales.

And there has been no shortage of whales to spot! Loads of them. All over the place - spy-hopping, tail slapping, spouting near by. Solo, or in groups its been fantastic. Not to mention the dolphins, sunfish and plenty of seasnakes too.

Our best whale encounter was one that Nina spotted right by the boat - almost under it in fact. We had the engines off and were just drifting and a huge humpback came to check us out. He surfaced by the boat, swam across in front of us, turned to lead us, surfaced again and then, with a wave of his tale, headed for the depths. Incredible, and we got it on video (which some of you will have seen as we’ve had intermittent data on and off all day).

The sun has just set, so the night watches start. I’ve opted for the 3am-6am shift, so I can perhaps catch the Euro 2020 semi-final If we have data (which we might as we’ll be passing Port Hedland at that time). That means I’m also doing the 9pm-midnight shift. Nina is doing 6pm-9pm and midnight-3am shifts. The wind is due to back around to the south east, and remain there for the rest of the trip - we hope to be able to lay Broome on the one tack from there….

ETA is looking like Friday afternoon, if we can keep the speed up.