Duplicat's Diary

Trimouille Island
by Rick at 10:11:58, 2021-06-28 (day 2612)

With calmer winds promised, we headed up to Trimouille whilst it was still quite lively. The anchorage was calm though, and it meant we had a chance to explore ashore that day we arrived. Two tests were carried out here. The first was on a frigate anchored not far from where we anchored, and the second was ashore. The usual ‘1 hour’ rule applied then.

Its a very nice bay, looks very tropical even though the wind was still blowing a bit.

The next day, we took to the dinghy to circumnavigate the island as the wind really dropped off. There was a surprising amount of swell from the NE on the east side, but I managed to get a cray out from under the rocks. A decent size, provided dinner for two. We tried fishing in a few spots but nothing was biting. The trip around was quite interesting - the coast is very rugged on the eastern side. No photos as we were getting a bit wet in the swell…

We’d been joined by a superyacht in the bay - Mineral Water. Another large motorboat turned up a bit later too (called Georgia). The later left that afternoon, Mineral Water left at 6am this morning heading to Exmouth.

Considering we’ve been in the Montebellos for two weeks, I’ve been very surprised at how few other boats there are here. Maybe the cruising is a bit challenging (no charts, so lots of eyeball nav and dinghy exploring), but we’ve had reasonable data in most anchorages, managed to get a few cray, had some great snorkelling and lots of fun. Its been magic to feel like we had the place to ourselves. However, with the continued light and even SW winds, we’ll take them and head to Dampier tomorrow.