Duplicat's Diary

Champagne Bay
by Rick at 08:56:40, 2021-06-25 (day 2609)

Champagne Bay is a gorgeous enclosed bay formed by Campbell Island to the north and Delta Island to the south. There is an entrance on the NE side (called the Chippendale Channel) which is very narrow. On the SW corner, the wall that would join Campbell to Delta island has been broken with some jagged teeth remaining. There’s space between them to get Duplicat into the bay, but you need a reasonable rise of tide, and at that point the 2 closest fingers disappear under the water! Still, I like a challenge…

At low tide, we’re almost fully dry. This allowed us to scrub the hulls clean as well as the waterline. The stern anchor was out to keep our swinging area limited to the area I’d checked we could dry out on safely.

Sunset turned the bay even more beautiful.

We spent 2 nights in Champagne Bay, drying out for the afternoons on the very low tide, but also touching down in the early hours for a couple of hours too. The early morning low tides are nearly 1m higher than the afternoon lows, so I barely noticed the touch down overnight.

Hulls and waterline all spick and span, we took this mornings high tide to head out of the bay and try another anchorage…