Duplicat's Diary

Bluebell Island
by Rick at 01:59:47, 2021-06-24 (day 2608)

Whilst the wind was howling, Bluebell was a lovely spot. Nice and secure, plenty of protection from the wind and swell.

She also made some crackers with the sourdough starter. These are fantastic and keep for over a week in a tub.

We managed to get another lobster, a real beast of an animal. The tail alone weighed 1.1kg - a good few meals worth! He put up a real fight, but in the end I was able to drag him out of his hole. We’re certainly finding lobsters here, but there are fewer of them compared to the Abrolhos. They are considerably bigger though…

With a day of calmer weather, we took the opportunity to have an explore around the area in the dinghy. In better conditions (less wind) it could be a lovely area, but with the howling bitter wind, its a bit too chilly for swimming. We headed over to Alpha island, which was the location of the Mosaic G2 nuclear test - the largest to ever take place in Australia. It was a boosted weapon (a pre-cursor to a full thermonuclear blast), reportedly at 60kilotons, though some reports claim as much as 96kilotons. By now the radioactivity at ground zero has decayed considerably and there isn’t that much to see beyond a marker.