Duplicat's Diary

Bluebell Island
by Rick at 07:58:13, 2021-06-18 (day 2602)

We had fun in Turtle Lagoon - had a walk ashore on Hermite Island, did a few boat jobs, saw dolphins hunting at night right by the boat. We had a few swims but the water is suprisingly cold! Didn’t stop us getting a cray which was soon turned into a lobster soup.

With neap tides approaching, we thought we’d move up to Bluebell Island - as the anchorage there looked shallower than Turtle Lagoon. Most of the charts for this area just say ‘unsurveyed’, so its eyeball nav and satellite photos. We made it up here, but had to anchor some way back from the beach. Its very protected from the wind though, which is just as well as its howling today and for the next few days. No drone shot until the winds calm down a bit though. We think this is a good base to explore Alpha and Trimoulle islands which is where the 3 nuclear tests took place.

The sun made an appearance today, so we had a quick tootle around in the dinghy and found a few crays. I managed to grab a big one by hand - which will be tomorrow nights dinner…