Duplicat's Diary

Quite the night in Exmouth
by Rick at 11:02:55, 2021-06-10 (day 2594)

We’ve been in Exmouth a little while - mainly to try and sort a problem finger (a process which is still ongoing).

Whilst here, we’ve managed to knock off a few jobs, refill diesel, LPG and petrol. Change the oil on the outboard, reprovision at wholesalers (which has been very useful).

We dived the Navy Pier, which on a good day would be a top draw dive, but we had 4m visibility and some quite bit swells. It was still a lovely dive (though quite cold).

So with all our jobs done, apart from the fresh provisioning - we were ready to go. Then we had quite a night. The rain was torrential, and it has hit Exmouth pretty hard - lots of flooding and road closures. Some locals are reporting over 200mm of rain in the night. A years worth in 36hours! We were stuck in the marina as the road out flooded, which prevented us provisioning for our final fresh stuff as planned.