Duplicat's Diary

Norwegian Bay
by Rick at 09:21:22, 2021-06-05 (day 2589)

We had a lovely run from Coral Bay to Norwegian Bay under spinnaker the whole way. As is the nomad Duplicat way, we opted to anchor in a place that looked good on the satellite photos - and indeed, we have lovely protection from the prevailing weather.

Norwegian Bay was so called because the Norwegians setup a whaling station there in 1911 as the demand for the clean burning and odour free whale oil was high. The station went through various changes of ownership and reductions in the number of whales allowed to be taken. It started at a staggering 2000 per year, but reduced under the various treaties to 500 per year by 1955 when whaling at Norwegian Bay stopped.

There is quite a bit of machinery and equipment left at the site still. The winches used to haul the whales up to the flensing station are still there, though well rusted. Whales where anchored to buoys out in the bay and dragged ashore as capacity allowed.

We got a break in the weather, so headed down to Frazer island where a couple of wrecks lie in shallow water. We anchored near by, and took the dinghy for an explore and a snorkel.

It was a spectacular spot, so we stayed the night…

With a change in the weather coming, we headed back to our previous anchorage. In fact the first day of the supposedly bad weather was actually lovely! We took off early to take advantage of the weather and had a great snorkel behind the reef. Lots of large male turtles which all seemed to be chasing a single female. Deja vu from Lady Musgrave again! We also saw plenty of fish, a nurse shark and one other larger shark (at which point, we decided the dinghy was a great idea!)

The weather held for the afternoon as well, so we had a long walk ashore, over the dunes and found debris from the old whaling station. Lots of old broken bottles, and some bricks with Swedish names on.

The following day the weather was as promised, lots of rain and plenty of wind. We sat it out, but moved the following day up to Tantabidi…