Duplicat's Diary

Coral Bay
by Rick at 12:13:40, 2021-05-26 (day 2579)

We fell into a routine of snorkelling the reef during the morning, then relaxing or doing jobs in the afternoon. The weather had turned hot, though still a bit chilly by the end of the night. I’ve not given up the duvet just yet.

The reef grew on us. We saw something each time we went out - small sharks, rays, crayfish, turtles. On our penultimate trip we saw 3 or 4 turtles (think it may have been the same one twice, thus the count confusion). The last one was very relaxed and didn’t zoom off the moment it saw us - rather it was happy with us swimming alongside filming.

We managed to scrub the hulls and some of the waterline after each snorkel, so we’re hoping for some faster speeds as we resume our trip north. We had some connectivity, so we managed to get a few parcels scheduled for Exmouth, as well as booking the DoT marina which is very busy. Hopefully a new fuse holder will solve the inverter issue, and we’re restocking on flour too (more a case of it being easier to get from the post office to the boat in Exmouth than in Broome).