Duplicat's Diary

More breweries in Freo? Let’s go!
by Rick at 08:43:09, 2021-04-06 (day 2529)

We had a pleasant enough time in Mandurah, hung off the courtesy moorings outside the river. We could have gone into the river but a slight anchor issue meant I wasn’t comfortable anchoring until we’d had a good look at it. The moorings outside were very comfortable and it wasn’t too long a dinghy ride into town. There are some pens in the river where you can moor for 4hrs at a time too.

We had a good explore and did indeed find a brewery but it was shut on the days we were there. Fremantle was calling...

The fantastic Fremantle Sailing Club offers free berthing for a period for boats visiting from outside the area - so we took advantage of that, and sailed up to the harbour and moored on their access jetty. We get 5 days free, then its a very reasonable rate - which is a great way for them to treat visiting yachts. Let’s face it, most of the out-of-area boats that come here have done quite some sailing to make it here!

We’ve done quite a bit of cycling, walking, and of course a few breweries in the days we’ve been here so far. Little Creatures is the most well known and offers a great tour with a tasting of 10 beers. We had a great time there. We’ve also visited Running with Thieves and Kahuna - but today we found one we’d missed. We’ll try and get back to it before we leave.

We had a day trip up to Perth to do the bridge climb which was quite good fun

We also had a look in the maritime museum and the shipwreck museum here in Fremantle. The shipwreck museum has a lot about the Batavia in it, and as we plan to spend some time in the Abrohlos group, this is very interesting to us. The museum has recovered some of the timbers and reconstructed the port side of the vessel in the museum, along with a few other artefacts.

Port side, note how the transom timbers are carved from massive oak trees in 1 part, to strengthen the hull to transom join.

All in all, its been great here in Freo. Enough relaxing and downtime, but also plenty of boat jobs and errands being run too...

Now we’re watching Tropical Cyclone Seroja which looks like it will land on the Abrohlos group in a weeks time. We will probably slow our plans to go north given the situation. Maybe spend some time at Rotnest Island first...