Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 10:02:57, 2021-03-28 (day 2520)

Busselton is a very pleasant little town, and we’ve enjoyed our time anchored off the beach here. Easy to dinghy ashore, and lots of tourist stuff ashore - including 2 breweries which of course we had to visit!

Lunch at Shelter Brewery was very nice, and the beer at Rocky Ridge was also good (but I didn’t rate the ginger beer). Busselton is better known for its 1.8km wooden pier- the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. Southend pier is longer though, so takes the overall crown. Its a pleasant walk along the pier, especially today when the seabreeze hasn’t kicked in. Usually in the afternoon we’re seeing 15-20knots of onshore breeze which makes for a bit of a bouncy anchorage. It claims off over night though, so its no real hardship.

Tomorrow, we’ll head a bit further north - to Bunbury. Yes, there’s a brewery there too...