Duplicat's Diary

On to Busselton
by Rick at 08:00:45, 2021-03-26 (day 2518)

We had a nice, albeit hot, walk around to Cape Naturaliste and went up the lighthouse. Its not as tall as the one at Cape Leeuwin as its built on a much taller plateau, but it was interesting anyway.

On our way back, we stopped at Bunkers Beach House where Nina used to work. We were very well looked after and had a stunning meal. Highly recommended

Its a stunning beach, and we had a pleasant time anchored in the bay.

This morning we picked up the anchor and headed over to the HMAS Swan for a dive. The wreck is interesting, but not particularly special - guess we’ve been spoilt. We had fun with the swim throughs and we found a hooked fish that had all but given up. We managed to free it and it swam away rapidly.

Nina was cold after the dive, and I had a bit of a headache. We decided we’d skip the second dive. We headed over to Busselton which is famous for its 1.8km long jetty. We’ll go ashore for an explore tomorrow - we already know there’s a brewery, and apparently the jetty is worth a snorkel too.