Duplicat's Diary

The Deja-Moo Udderly Legend-Dairy Cowaramup
by Rick at 08:53:11, 2021-03-21 (day 2513)

It was a rather spectacular sunrise over the marina this morning.

After a breakfast of home-made crumpets, we headed out for yet more tourist stuff. We headed to a lookout where we were supposed to able to see 2 oceans and 2 rivers, but it wasn’t that exciting. After, we headed over to the rather cow made Cowaramup, via a chocolate shop naturally.

Cowaramup wasn’t always cow mad - but after the Cow Parade art festival came to the Margret River area, they took on the idea and from International Cow Day in 2012 (July 15th), the first public cows were unveiled. A festival was formed - Deja-Moo, an udderly legend-dairy country fair. The area has a lot of dairy farms (and provides 10% of the milk for Western Australia), so you can see their point!

Local businesses joined in too, with themed names.

We actually ate lunch at the cafe in Cowaramup called the Black Sheep - I loved the name and the food was great too.

After lunch, we felt we had to go and try some gin at Ginniversity, which is part of the same group as the whisky distillery in Albany we visited. Then we headed to Hamelin Bay for a quick swim. Now we’re back onboard - but we’ll walk up to Augusta tonight for dinner.