Duplicat's Diary

Playing Tourist
by Rick at 09:46:24, 2021-03-20 (day 2512)

Yesterday afternoon we headed out to see Jewel Cave, which was very impressive.

The tour guide was very informative, and entertaining - and despite doing a lot of stairs in the morning at the lighthouse, we managed fine in the caves too.

After the caves we tasted some wine, and then headed back to the boat for the evening. Unfortunately a large fishing boat had moored directly behind us and ran the pump for his ‘wet tanks’ all the time which made it quite noisy. Then, just after 3am he started both engines which sounded incredibly loud on our boat as his exhausts pointed our way. After what felt like hours of idling, he left - but everyone had been woken up by this. It was a slow start to the day....

Craving some exercise, we left Augusta and headed to the west coast to do a part of the Cape to Cape track. Nina has done quite a bit of the 123km track which runs from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin. This was a bit she hadn’t done before - a nice circular route - out from the car along the track, then back along the very soft beach. Its a mini-heatwave here so we ended up hot and sweaty but enjoyed the walk.

Then it was time for the brewhouse and lunch. The beer was nice and the lunch was very good too!

We had time to fit in a couple of tastings on the way home - even bought some wine this time too! Now back onboard recovering ready for dinner...