Duplicat's Diary

Cape Leeuwin
by Rick at 10:59:34, 2021-03-19 (day 2511)

Today we got the bikes out and made the short cycle down to Cape Leeuwin to see the famous lighthouse where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. People told us about the big hill, but it wasn’t that bad - certainly far easier than the ride down to the Natural Bridge at Albany. I didn’t need to give Laura the battery bike, and didn’t even use the battery myself.

We arrived just in time for a tour of the lighthouse itself, which was very good for a lighthouse nerd like me!

An informative tour and time out on the balcony at the top was very pleasant, given the very light winds and heatwave temperatures.

On the way back we cycled to the end of the breakwater to get a nice view over the marina (which is quite small compared to those in Perth or Europe.

Shortly after we got back, Nina arrived and we enjoyed her sourdough bread for lunch, then went off to see some caves and taste some wine. We’ll do more tourist stuff tomorrow...